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Brems-Eye-Center Announces
Giant Leap in Laser Vision Correction

You probably have friends or family who had laser vision correction. You may have talked to your doctor about it or done some research. But you're still dealing with those glasses and contact lenses. Why? Waiting for a major advancement in laser vision correction? Well, it's here. At Brems Eye Center CustomVue has become the cornerstone of our practice. It's taking laser vision correction to a new level, says Dr. Brems.
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Botox: Changing The Way Your Outlook On Life: Many of us would love to improve our appearance, but don't have either the time or the inclination to have cosmetic surgery. If you're looking for a simple, relatively painless alternative to cosmetic surgery, Botox is the solution. Botox injections are a safe, simple, non-surgical treatment. The procedure is performed in Dr. Brems' office in just minutes.

Freedom with LASIK: This is what patients appreciate the most. Free to wake up and see the clock in the morning. Freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. The freedom to see everything clearly without having to squint. Having LASIK is a life-changing event. Imagine the possibilities!

Live your best life with your Personal Best Vision: Chances are, several of your friends or family members are experiencing the joys of living without glasses and contact lenses as a result of laser vision correction. You’ve heard the excitement in their voices, noticed the boost in their confidence levels, and watched the quality of their lives improve with new-found freedoms. Millions of Americans are enjoying these life-enhancing benefits and millions more, just like you, are exploring the procedure that could free them from the worries of glasses and contact lenses.

Monet had Cataract Surgery: There were over one million cataract surgeries performed in America last year. It is one of the most commonly performed and most successful of all operations. Cataracts can be removed with little discomfort and very little inconvenience. Not so for Claude Monet, the famed French impressionist.

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